Heavy Duty Wheelchairs

Name:Heavy Duty Wheelchairs
Model No.:BES-WL107
Surface:Powder Coated or Chrome-plated
Weight Capactiy:500LBS

  • Heavy Duty Wheelchairs

Product Description

Heavy Duty Wheelchairs/Bariatric Wheelchairs

Powder-coated tubing,double cross bar

Dual Axle,seat height adjustable

Detachable desk arms

Swing-away footrest with Aluminum footplate,available with heel loops

8’’ *2 front casters,24’’ rear mag wheels with plastic hand rim

Durable and easy clean PVC upholstery

Push-to-lock brakes

Overall Width(open)

Overall Width(folding)

Seat Width

Seat Depth

Seat-to-Floor Height

Overall Height

Overall Depth

Weight Capacity

Fob Price (USD)



















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Whether you have a short term or long term mobility challenge, we have a wide range of wheelchairs to help you. We offer wheelchairs designed for different types of activities. For example, in this category you'll find wheelchairs for around the home - i.e. bathroom and shower chairs. Also, we have options perfect for quick shopping trips and eating out or traveling. Note: all wheelchairs come fully assembled and will fold down to fit into your car.

Here are some of our most popular wheelchair categories:

Transport Wheelchairs - Transport wheelchairs, are defined by their four smaller wheels, they are built for outdoor use and they are super lightweight to carry and setup -some weighing as low as 14.5 lbs. Transport chairs fold down compactly to fit into any car or closet. Note: transport chairs are pushed by a companion only; the seated user cannot self propel in a transport wheelchair.

Manual Wheelchairs - Manual Wheelchairs are defined by their two large wheels in the back, where a user can self propel using hand-rims. They come in 5 general categories to suite your needs:

Standard Wheelchairs - These are your basic economy wheelchairs, the are good for indoor/outdoor use and light commercial use. However, they are heavy which is an important factor when considering the user will have to push that weight. Plus, it pay to think about lift these chairs into a car when traveling.

Lightweight Wheelchairs - Made from lighter materials, these wheelchair resemble their standard-type cousins. Generally, these chairs have better wheels and bearings, plus the lower weight, that make more efficient to self-propel or push by companion.

Reclining Back Wheelchairs - Reclining wheelchairs, as the name implies, allow the seated users to recline in their chair. Reclining wheelchairs reach an almost reach a full recline.

Heavy Duty Wheelchairs - Heavy duty wheelchairs are built specifically for users that need a wider seat and higher weight capacity. Our heavy duty wheelchairs can accommodate users up to 700 lbs. and with seat widths up to 30".

Foldable frames- these fold in the middle - "accordion" style.

Rigid frame -one piece frames, which offer lower weight and power transfer.

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